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Frequently Asked Questions

Cache Humane Society operates an Adoption Center and Community Spay/Neuter Clinic. The main purpose of Cache Humane Society is to shelter and take care of unhoused animals until permanent homes can be found for them. 

Our Community Clinic offers a number of affordable pet clinic services to the local community, including spays, neuters, vaccinations, and microchips. 

We also focus on education as a method of reducing the number of unwanted animals in Cache Valley and Utah. We hold weekly education programs for kids.

We have a Pet Food Pantry to assist people of limited financial means to feed their beloved pets. We hope this will enable more pet owners to keep their pet in their home rather than surrendering them to a shelter. 

Cache Humane Society is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization. We are an independent organization and we receive no funding from any state or national organizations like Best Friends Animal Society of the Humane Society of the United States. 

We do not receive any money from the Government or City through taxes. We rely on individual and corporate donations, community fundraising, and grant funding to continue the services we offer to the local community in Cache Valley. All funds and supplies we receive at Cache Humane Society go toward saving more lives.

Animal control should always be contacted first whenever an animal is lost or found. Visit our Lost/Found Pets page for more information on who to contact for your area. 

Per Utah State Code 11-46-103 all stray and lost pets must be held at an Animal Control Facility for a minimum of 5 days to allow their families time to find them.  After the 5 day impound period, charitable adoption centers like Cache Humane Society can help find a new home for unclaimed pets.  Cache Humane Society can not legally accept lost or stray animals until they have completed their mandatory impound period at a government facility

As a No-Kill Shelter, we cannot accept animals when our kennels are full. We are very rarely able to accept your pet without advance notice. Please see our Rehoming your Pet page for information and instructions.

First, take a look at our Adopt a Dog and Adopt a Cat pages or just stop in during open hours, no appointment necessary! You will be asked to complete an adoption questionnaire to help us make the perfect match.

When you feel you have selected the right animal for your home, you will be given a copy of our Adoption Contract that states you will provide responsible pet care. Adoption fees can be paid by card or cash.

We understand that sometimes the fit just isn’t right. Per your Adoption Contract, pets adopted from Cache Humane must be returned to our facility. We offer an 80% refund on adoption fees during the first 30 days. You will be asked to fill out a pet temperament profile so we can strive for the right match.

Our shelter is currently only open to those who are interested in adopting. If you would like to play or interact with the animals without the commitment of adoption, please check out our volunteer program.

We do not allow animals to be tried out. In order to cut down on the stress of being returned after an unsuccessful adoption, we do our best at the shelter to find a good match for your family before the adoption takes place.

However, if for any reason an animal needs to be returned, we will refund 80% of the adoption fee within 30 days of its adoption.

CHS does have a Foster Program. This program focuses on helping those who need an extra hand. Our biggest need for foster caregivers are neonatal kittens, animals recovering from illness or injury, litters of puppies and kittens, and undersocialized animals. Once we feel these animals have reached adoptability they will be brought to the shelter for adoption.

Each animal at the shelter undergoes a medical evaluation and behavioral testing during their intake process. Animals with a recent history of travel to high-risk regions are tested for heartworm and tick-borne illnesses. We are not able to perform comprehensive blood tests or X-rays, but we do our best to identify any potential medical issues facing our shelter pets.

Cache Humane operates a Community Clinic to provide affordable spay/neuters, vaccinations, and microchips. We are not a full service clinic and cannot diagnose or recommend treatments for your animal.

We understand that it can be difficult to witness mistreatment of animals in your neighborhood or community. Cache Humane Society works to promote compassionate treatment of animals through our many education programs, but we do not have any police powers or investigative authority in the state of Utah. We are a non-profit animal welfare charity and we do not have the legal right to enter private property, issue citations, or remove animals from homes or businesses.

Your local police department is responsible for investigating all reported cases of animal cruelty. Depending on the size of your community, your police or sheriffs’ department may employ speciality Animal Control Officers or may assign the case to a regular officer or deputy. The National Link Coalition maintains a contact list here. If you are unable to get a response to your complaint, contact your local elected officials, including your mayor and city/county commissioners. The state of Utah entrusts enforcement of animal cruelty and abandonment laws to local officials and they should be notified regarding outstanding issues.

There are many ways to assist at the shelter. If you are interested in volunteering at the shelter, please see our volunteer page. If you are interested in fostering, visit our foster page.

Another way of helping is through donations. We are always in need of wishlist items. Most importantly, it costs between $400 to $500 to provide veterinary and daily care for every animal we save! All donations are tax deductible.

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