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Trap/Neuter/Return Services

Do you have unowned, stray or feral cats on your property? The most humane option for you is to trap-neuter-return those kitties!

Research suggests that killing stray or feral cats is not an effective long-term solution to a population problem. Removing a feral cat from its territory creates a ‘vacuum effect’ that will allow even more cats to enter that territory. Spaying and neutering also reduces nuisance behaviors like fighting, howling, and spraying.

How does it work?

Book an appointment at Cache Humane to get that stray cat fixed!  We will lend you a trap before your appointment to help you capture your frequent visitor.  

Trap Rentals are free but do require a $60 fully refundable deposit by check or credit card. Traps must be returned clean and undamaged for a full refund. We are not able to accept feral cats for surgery unless they come in a humane feral trap.

To book your Spay/Neuter Appointment, please make your appointment here. Appointments for feral or unowned cats require a $20 deposit that will be applied to your appointment. Standard surgical rates and vaccination fees apply. Payment is due in full at time of service. 

Trapping tips

  • Cats should not be trapped any longer than 24 hours prior to surgery.
  • When the weather is very hot or very cold do your best to trap cats only the night before surgery to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion or hypothermia.
  • Remember, an ear tipped cat has already been fixed! If you trap one of these, release it again.
  • Once the cats have been fixed, please provide them with a warm and dry place to recover for at least 24 hours. Cats can recover in the feral trap, but need to be provided with food and water. Cats should be released at the location where they were found.
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