How can I put a pet up for adoption?

Rehome Your Pet

We understand that home and family circumstances may require the rehoming of a beloved pet. Cache Humane Society provides a non-judgmental place to surrender a pet. Please complete the online questionnaire linked below with as much information as possible so we may find the perfect next home for your furry family member. As a proud No-Kill Shelter, our ability to accept your pet is dependent on space available within our facility.  We are VERY rarely able to accept surrendered pets on a walk-in basis. You will be contacted via phone or email once your application is accepted.

It costs an average of $400 per animal to give them the proper diet, medical care, and attention needed while we look for a new home. We request a surrender fee to help cover these costs. 

We understand that finances can play a big role in whether a beloved pet can stay with their family and understand financial assistance may be needed. Do not let a surrender fee deter you from filling out our surrender application. Your individual surrender fee will be discussed once your application has been approved. It is illegal to abandon animals at our facility.

Dog Surrender Fees

Standard Surrender Fee$60
Spayed/neutered with proof of vet records$40
Litters of Puppies$60 for mother or 1st puppy, $10 each for additional puppy

Cat Surrender Fees

Standard Surrender Fee$60
Spayed/neutered with proof of vet records$40
Litters of Kittens$60 for mother or 1st kitten, $10 each for additional kitten

The Surrender Procedure

If your application has been approved, we will schedule a time for you to bring your animal in. We will ask you to fill out a Surrender Contract. This contract signs ownership over to Cache Humane Society. Please provide honest answers about history and behavior so that we will be able to match the animal with the most appropriate new family. Please bring with you all vaccination and veterinary records.

You must only surrender an animal that legally belongs to you. You must not surrender an animal that legally belongs to somebody else including family members.  The person who completes and signs the Surrender Contract confirms they are the legal owner of the animal. 

Once all appropriate paperwork has been completed, you can monitor your pet’s progress through our Adoptable Animal page. However, staff is unable to provide you with any information about the new owner’s of your surrendered pet. If you change your mind after you have surrendered, and he or she is still available for adoption, you are welcome to complete the adoption process.  

Unlike many government funded shelters, Cache Humane Society has no time limit on the amount of time an animal stays at our shelter. We work hard to try to find all adoptable animals new forever homes. 

We have dedicated and caring staff and volunteers who make sure that animals are at their adoptable best. We work tirelessly to ensure that animals are kept happy and comfortable, socialized and groomed. You can help us support the surrendered animal to get adopted by sponsoring or donating in other ways.

The pet you surrendered may be fostered or adopted through Cache Humane Society. The pet may also be sent to a partnering organization for additional training and veterinary care through our Rescue Program. If absolutely necessary by reason of untreatable illness, injury or aggression, the animal may be euthanized.

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

We can help you feed your pet.

If you are surrendering your animal because  you are struggling to afford pet food, please consider our Pet Food Pantry program. We accept any proof of financial need, including CHIP, SNAP, and SS Disability.  

Does your Pet have other Behavioral Issues?

Remember that many behavioral issues or anti-social habits in your pet can often be solved simply by spaying or neutering your pet. Please review clinic services for more information.

Cache Humane Society does not have the funding or resources available to rehabilitate very aggressive animals. We pursue all possible adoption, foster, and rescue transfer options but unfortunately, sometimes euthanasia may be the most humane option for a very aggressive animal. This is never a decision we take lightly. 

Is your pet very ill or critically injured?

Cache Humane Society does not operate a full service veterinary clinic.  Our ability to treat significant medical conditions is limited and our primary concern is ensuring that animals do not face unnecessary suffering when quality of life cannot be maintained.  At the point of surrender, we may ask you to consider whether euthanasia may be the most humane option if your pet is ill or injured and suffering.  

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