Adopt a Dog

Dogs - $200

6 months and older

Includes spay/neuter, microchip, and current vaccinations up to the date of adoption.

Puppies - $275

Under 6 months

Includes spay/neuter, microchip, and all core vaccinations through your puppy’s 1st birthday.

How can I adopt a dog?

Adopting a Dog
through CHS

The adoption process

We’re so excited that you’re considering adopting a dog! Visit us during our open hours to meet with our available dogs and our Adoption Counselors. If you have other dogs, you are encouraged to bring them with you to meet potential furry family members.

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Once you are here, you will be asked to fill out a Dog Adoption Questionnaire and pick out a few of your favorite dogs to meet.  As dogs do not show their true personalities inside a kennel, we will bring them to you for quality one-on-one time.   

If you are not here to adopt, we reserve the right to not perform meet-and-greets.  This reduces unnecessary stress on our shelter dogs and avoids interrupting training and meal time.

After you've adopted

We do our best to keep our shelter dogs happy and healthy and to provide accurate information about their temperament and behavior.   We rarely have access to medical or behavioral history and we encourage you to make an appointment with a veterinarian immediately after adoption.  We will provide you with a discount coupon for an initial examination valid at several participating veterinary clinics.  

Be sure to check out our Facebook group Cache Humane Happy Tails to see updates of our adopted animals in their forever homes and add your own Happy Tails story!

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