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Spay/Neuter Services
 We have only opened appointments through August 2024.

Make an appointment for an affordable spay/neuter surgery performed by a licensed veterinarian. A $20 deposit is required when you book your appointment that will be applied to the cost of surgery. Deposits will be refunded or reapplied if appointments are canceled with a minimum of 72 hours notice. See your confirmation email for instructions to reschedule or cancel with notice.

Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable for any appointment rescheduled or canceled less than 72 hours prior to your appointment. New appointments will require an additional deposit.

Community Clinic Spay/Neuter Fees

Effective June 1, 2024. Spay/Neuter Fees are as follows:

Dogs**CatsSmall Animals
Dog Spay (Female) $134Cat Spay (Female) $94Rabbit Spay (Female) $199
Dog Neuter (Male) $124Cat Neuter (Male) $84Rabbit Neuter (Male) $159

Current Spay/Neuter Fees are as follows:

Dogs**CatsSmall Animals
Dog Spay (Female) $114Cat Spay (Female) $94Rabbit Spay (Female) $199
Dog Neuter (Male) $104Cat Neuter (Male) $84Rabbit Neuter (Male) $159

Potential Additional Charges

These conditions may not be known until an animal is in surgery and owners should be prepared to cover additional charges: 

  • ** Dogs over 65 lbs. will be charged an additional $3 per pound.
  • Males with retained testicles will be charged an additional $90.
  • Animals that are in-heat, pregnant or have an infection will be charged up to $25 for treatment.

Before Your Pet's Surgery

We are a high volume clinic that spays/neuters 30 animals a Community Clinic day. We ask that all pets arrive on time for their appointment so that we may properly plan and prepare our clinic.

We take every precaution to keep your animal safe and away from sick animals in the shelter. It is very unlikely that your healthy, vaccinated animal will become sick while here for a spay/neuter, but it is possible. 

To ensure your pet’s health, please make sure your animal is in good health and properly vaccinated prior to scheduling it for surgery. If your pet isn’t feeling well, please call us to reschedule! We will not go ahead with spay/neuter surgery on your pet if we feel it is not in good health and you may be asked to reschedule if your animal is too unwell for surgery.

To prepare your pet for surgery, please:

  • No food after midnight but leave their water.
  • All dogs must arrive on a leash. 
  • All cats must be in a carrier with a clean towel or blanket.  Do not use an important blanket/towel as it may become soiled and be replaced. We have cardboard cat carriers available for $10.  They can be picked up in advance or at the time of service. 
  • Feral cats must be in a humane cat trap. Cache Humane rents humane feral traps. Visit our Trap-Neuter-Return page for more information.

After Your Pet's Surgery

We monitor each pet to ensure they wake up properly and without complications. You will be called when your pet is fully awake and ready to go home. You may notice a small tattoo on your pets stomach. Cache Humane Society tattoos every spayed/neutered animal to indicate the completion of the procedure.

Once you bring your pet home:

  • Your pet should mostly stay inside for 24 hours after surgery.  They may be uncoordinated or have trouble regulating their body temperature.
  • Some nausea is normal after general anesthesia. Please let us know if your animal will not eat or drink, becomes lethargic, or vomits/has diarrhea more than 48 hours after surgery.  
  • Restrict your pet’s activity for 7 days.  Avoid lots of running, jumping or extraneous activities.
  • Your pet’s stitches are water dissolvable and cannot get wet for 7 days. This means no swimming and no baths. If you must wash your pet, baby wipes and light sponge baths are OK. 
  • Do not allow your pet to lick or bite the incision. Cones are available for purchase for $10.
  • Your pet should only take the pain medication we provide. Human medications are often not safe for your pet and medications previously prescribed by your veterinarian may not be compatible with our medications. We offer a 3 day pain management prescription for $10 for both cats and dogs.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us during business hours if you have any concerns about your pet after surgery.

Printouts of our Pre/Post-Surgery Instructions

Why Spay or Neuter an Animal?

Giving birth to even one litter can create health risks for any animal. Mating behaviors such as territorial marking, aggression and roaming may be relieved by spaying or neutering your pet. 

Spaying or neutering your pet is one positive way you can personally help reduce the number of unwanted animals ending up in shelters. Cache Humane Society can spay or neuter your pet when they reach 4 months of age and a minimum of 4 pounds. 

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