Facilities Technician

Job Title: Facilities Technician
Status: Hourly, Non-Exempt
Hours: 10 to 15 hours/week, flexible schedule
Hourly Pay: $16-18/hr

Position Summary:

Our facilities technician is responsible for the smooth and orderly function of equipment and supplies, facility, grounds and yard maintenance. Our facilities technician:

  • Performs janitorial duties, including routine cleaning of common areas.
  • Maintains outdoor areas of the facility including emptying trash cans, sweeping/shoveling
    sidewalks, maintaining outdoor play areas including clean-up and fence/gate repairs.
  • Grounds keeping, including application of fertilizer and weed killer, regular weeding and
    mowing, and sprinkler management.
  • Oversees and performs routine repair and maintenance of shelter equipment, caging
    and kennels, hoses, faucets, and appliances.
  • Performs scheduled maintenance with all shelter equipment such as washers/dryers,
    water heaters, furnaces, freezers, etc.
  • Implements a maintenance plan that insures the effectiveness of all vehicles,
    machines, mechanical devices, and upkeep of buildings and other structures on shelter

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to safely handle commercial equipment, power tools, and various motorized
    equipment including a commercial van and riding lawnmower.
  • Experience in landscaping, facility and/or equipment maintenance.
  • Skilled in a wide variety of construction, remodeling and repair skills.
  • Must be a goal oriented self-starter with a high level of organization.
  • Must treat animals humanely, with love and concern both on and off the job, and transmit
    these values to others.

Work Conditions:

  • Employees are in direct contact with dogs and cats, pet dander, and cleaning supplies.
  • Cache Humane Society provides onsite care for homeless animals 7 days a week,
    year-round. Work is required in all weather and temperature conditions.
  • Flexible schedule can be set by employee, including work outside of shelter operating

To Apply: Please email your resume and an application to director@cachehumane.org or deliver to Cache Humane Society.

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