Dog Kennel Technician

Job Title: Dog Kennel Technician
Area: Dog Spot
Reports to: Dog Manager
Hourly Pay: Starting $12.00/hour
Part Time Positions Available

Position Summary: 

Dog Kennel Assistants help maintain a healthy environment and sanitary conditions for all dogs housed at the shelter, which includes:  

  • following all cleaning and safety protocols 
  • working with interested adopters to identify potential pets  
  • maintaining accurate and up-to-date files on all dogs that come through the shelter to provide accurate information for staff and adopters  
  • working in coordination with a variety of professions including staff from other areas and animal control officials  
  • being available to assist with off-site special events as needed 

Essential Skills and Experience: 

Skills and experiences required to adequately perform this position include:  

  • a general knowledge of animal care  
  • experience providing exceptional public service  
  • ability to communicate effectively with staff and volunteers

Non-Essential Skills and Experience: 

Skills and experiences desired, but not required, to adequately perform this position include:  

  • 1+ years of animal care experience  
  • experience working in a high volume animal care facility  
  • education related to animal care and health issues

Physical Demands: 

This position requires that the employee be capable of handling the following physical demands and come in contact with the following environmental work conditions:  

  • be able to lift 50 pounds  
  • be able to stand and reach for extended periods of time  
  • come in contact with pet dander, fluids produced by animals and various chemicals used to provide sanitary living conditions for animals  
  • handle various environmental smells and sounds surrounding the housing of animals and maintaining their welfare  
  • lift, lead and place animals as they are moved between carriers, kennels and care areas 

To Apply: Please email your resume and an application to or deliver to Cache Humane Society.

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