How to Keep Pets Safe During Firework Season

Summertime is finally here! This means large celebrations with dazzling fireworks. While most humans are enjoying their celebrations, many pets dread this time of year because of the big booms that come from the sky seemingly without warning.

During the Fourth of July and other summer celebrations, many pets go missing or struggle to feel comfortable in their homes. Read on for some tips for keeping your pet safe and comfortable while still enjoying your fireworks.

  • Create a safe room for your pets. This room should be as far away from doors, windows, and foot traffic as much as possible. Adding things like gentle music or dim lighting can help create a calm environment for your furry friends. In addition, this room should have a comfortable place to sleep and a favorite toy or pile of treats.
  • Keep your pets indoors for the entire duration of firework celebrations. A sudden noise can easily spook even the most confident pet.
  • Thundershirts may work for some pets, but only if they are comfortable wearing “clothes”.
  • If your pet still struggles to settle, consider making a vet appointment. Always consult your vet before adding or subtracting medication and never share medication prescribed to your pet with other animals.
  • Get your pet microchipped and keep your contact information up to date so in the event they do run off, you can find them more easily. Cache Humane Society offers microchips with a lifetime registration every Monday and Thursday from 10AM to 6PM for only $15.
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