Providing Lasting Care Through Specialized Care

Our Above and Beyond Initiative

Not every animal that enters Cache Humane Society is immediately ready for adoption. Oftentimes some animals need additional TLC before they can find their next home. Cache Humane Society is here to help animals regardless of their needs by providing specialized surgeries and additional care that allow them a happy, long life.

These specialized surgeries include eye removals, teeth extractions, and amputations, and are all done under the special care and direction of our licensed veterinarian. On average, Cache Humane Society performs 20 of these surgeries per year. Specialized care is not limited to just surgical procedures. We provide physical therapy and splinting for animals with minor breaks, provide continuing medical care for animals with life long issues like heart murmurs, and provide reconstructive surgeries for joint injuries. Read about some of these amazing animals below:

Meet Judy!

Judy came to us with a double eye deformity and no vision. Her eyes constantly wept, caused her pain, and made getting around nearly impossible as she tried to use what was left of them. After a visit from our veterinarian, we decided it would be best to remove what was left of her eyes to ease her pain and help her adjust to moving around without them. Judy had a short stint in foster care where her eyes were constantly checked and all her needs were met immediately. She came back to the shelter to get her stitches removed and find her new home! We are happy to report Judy is loving her new life and family. You can see just how happy she is!

Meet Blake!

Blake was transferred from Valencia County Animal Control in New Mexico where shelters are often overcrowded and resources are limited. Blake had taken a high tumble and fractured his right front paw (where his wrist would be). After x-rays and vet visits, we felt confident that the leg would heal on its own with some kennel rest and by splinting it. Blake recovered well in foster care, and was adopted a week after returning to the shelter. He is now a happy and fun-loving companion!

How You Can Help!

All of this specialized care requires funding and that’s where YOU come in. You may have seen our post for Bowie, a young cat with a genetic gum disease who needed a full mouth dental, and happy to report his dental was successful. Bowie is now well on his road to recovery and excited to start his new life with a loving family. 

Specialized care takes a village, and Cache Humane Society is always looking to spread their reach. If you would like to help an animal in need receive the care required to live a long, happy, and healthy life, consider making a donation to our Above and Beyond Fund.

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