The 4 Principles of Responsible Pet Ownership

Cache Humane Society encourages responsible pet ownership, because, put simply, being responsible helps to reduce the number of unwanted and lost or stray animals in Cache Valley. Let’s start with four basic principles that help pet owners be responsible for their animal.

#1. ID Your Pet

There are various ways to ID your pet, so that anyone who finds it can return it to you. At the very least make sure your dog or cat wears a collar with an ID tag attached, which has your current contact information. An even better form of security for your pet is Permanent I.D. such as a microchip, which cannot be removed or lost. But this only works if you register it with your current contact information. It is also considered as a proof of ownership, so helps you prove the animal is yours in the event it is stolen.  We are pleased to offer microchipping services at our shelter to all pet owners. No appointment necessary.  To encourage responsible ownership from day 1, at the point of adoption, we offer Micro Chips at a greatly discounted price, just ask our staff. 

No matter how big or small, what breed, or whether it is an inside or outside pet, give your animal the highest chance of being returned to you if lost or stolen. ID YOUR PET!

#2. Spay or Neuter Your Pet

While puppies, kittens and all baby animals are cute and desirable. The sad fact is that they grow into adult animals which often become homeless and unwanted. There are simply not enough homes for all the animals born in the USA. Spay or neuter surgery helps prevent animal overpopulation and the health problems caused by inbreeding.

It also makes for happier pets and owners. Many anti-social behaviours which cause people to give up their pets, can be improved or eliminated by spay or neutering. It can also reduce the animal’s drive to wander or roam, so your pet may be more secure at home and less likely to get lost.

It is also healthier for your animal. It can increase their lifespan. A report in 2013 claimed that neutered male dogs live 18% longer, and spayed female dogs live 23% longer. than un-fixed animals. The report also claimed that “unneutered dogs are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car or bitten by another animal. Unneutered cats are four times more likely to be hit by a car and three times more likely to be brought to the veterinarian for treatment of an animal bite compared to a neutered cat.”

You will save money in the future. It costs more to license an unfixed pet. Also you may reduce your potential future vet fees. Intact animals are more at risk of cancer of the reproductive system and other infections.

All Dogs and Cats adopted from Cache Humane Society will be fixed before the point of adoption, or if the animal is too young, you will be given an appointment to return to the shelter with your pet at the appropriate time. We have low cost spay or neuter clinics every week during the entire year for your pet, whether adopted from us or not. Find our current surgery schedule hereCoupons may be available to reduce the cost further for your pet. Ask our staff, when you, call and make an surgery appointment today.

Cache Humane Society is proud to have performed over 8000 alteration surgeries since our clinic opened in the fall of 2009. Every Spay or Neuter is a step closer to reducing the number of unwanted animals in Cache Valley.

#3. Training, Socialization, Medical Care, & a Proper Diet

You have found the pet of your dreams! He makes you smile, he will sit, stay and fetch a ball,  he looks great. Perfect!  But before taking any pet into your home whether adopted or otherwise, families need to assess their own situation to make sure they have the time, the energy, and the kind of housing suitable to their choice of pet.

Basic training, exercise and mental stimulation is the first step to a well-socialized pet. Whether it comes to your family as a young animal or otherwise. Positive reinforcement of good behaviour and dissuading bad behaviour consistently and without abuse, is a good way to ensure you and your pet stay happy. Remember, animals need attention and stimulation. A neglected or bored animal can cause all sorts of problems, resulting in animals being unnecessarily surrendered to shelters. With a little more attention, a troublesome pet may become awesome!

There are many websites and videos, which give free resources for training your pet. Professional animal training is available in most areas too.

We send all adopted dogs home with a discount voucher for dog training with K9 Unleashed Training Academy.

Animals need a proper balanced diet depending on the breed, size, age, and current health of your pet. Be familiar with your pet’s dietary needs, and provide foods which increase their health. Left overs from the family dinner table, is often not enough to provide a balanced diet! Fresh water daily is also essential to any animal’s well being.

Maintenance and preventative care, such as giving your pet vaccinations and regular health checks with a vet, can extend the length of your pet’s life and health. We offer low cost vaccinations at our shelter to help increase the overall health of the animals in our area. Be aware of your animals normal personality and take note if it changes. This can be the first sign of illness or injury in your pet and you should take your pet to the vet, where appropriate.

#4. Don’t Let Your Pet Become a Threat or Nuisance

As a pet owner you have a legal responsibility to prevent your animal from injuring any person or animal and to prevent them from causing damage to property that is not your own. You must also prevent your animal from causing excessive noise. If you fail to follow these rules, Animal Control has the right to impound your animal.

There are other levels of nuisance which should be controlled. Do not allow your cat or dog to stray onto neighbouring land, nor allow them to foul on neighbouring land nor disturb neighbors animals. Basic socialization for your dog is important, but inappropriate, aggressive or dominant behaviour in the local neighborhood or dog park should be stopped.

In Closing

Please help Cache Humane Society to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of unwanted animals in Cache Valley.

Donate today and share the information on this page with all your friends and family.

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