Volunteer Opportunities at Cache Humane Society

Ways to get involved at Cache Humane Society

Our shelter runs on volunteers! With an average of 100 animals in shelter, we always need the extra hands. 100 animals equals multiple loads of laundry and dishes; multiple animals needing extra playtime and cuddles; and multiple odd jobs. Not only does volunteering help many animals in need, volunteering is a fundamental role that takes on many shapes and forms.

Volunteers are offered a unique opportunity to build their resume while learning how to help animals in a shelter setting. In fact, many of our current staff members were once volunteers. We live in a wonderful college town, but many incoming students are not able to take childhood pets with them. Volunteering offers a way to get some special snuggles and even allow for a doggy hiking buddy.

Volunteer requirements:

Volunteers should be:

  • A minimum of 16 years of age
  • Capable of working independently without direct supervision
  • Prepared to stand, sit, reach, climb, walk, and crouch for extended periods of time
  • Prepared for the presence of pet dander and hair particles in the air and on all surfaces
  • Prepared to come in contact with animal bodily fluids and should be prepared to handle various environmental smells surrounding the housing of animals
  • Prepared to be in contact with various chemicals used to provide sanitary conditions for animals

If you are under 16 and would like to volunteer, check out our after-school club and jr. volunteer page.

How to get started:

Once you have completed our Volunteer Application Form, we’ll contact you via email to attend an orientation. Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with Cache Humane Society. We look forward to having you as part of our team!

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