Catios–A Great Way for Cats to Enjoy the Outdoors Safely!

Many cats love some sunshine on their fur and a cool breeze through their whiskers, but the outdoors can pose a risk for cats’ safety due to busy roads and larger predators.

A great way for cats to safely enjoy spending some time outdoors is to build a catio! Catios, or cat patios, are enclosures that offer fresh air, enrichment, and mental stimulation while keeping your cat safe and contained. These can be built a variety of ways with almost any material and are easily customizable to fit your cat’s needs. Read on to see how to add a catio to your home.

Choosing a Space for your Catio:

Many people choose to add a catio as a small extension to their home so cats can roam freely in and out of it, but ultimately you will want to consider the space you have available. Catios can be large condo style enclosures or just the size of a window AC unit. Some questions to consider when choosing the size of your catio are:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Do you want the cat to freely travel from the catio to the home or do you want to bring the cat to and from the catio?
  • What type of natural stimulation will your cat get? A good catio will offer both sun and shade, and have plenty of wildlife for your cat to watch.

Once you have decided where you want your catio and how much space you will need, it’s time to build one! Many places like farm and feed stores or pet stores will have pre-made catios or there are awesome examples of catios people have built online!

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