How Hot is Too Hot for Paws?

Summer is everyone’s favorite time to be outside! Everyone enjoys the warmth and the extra sunshine, but when does the warm weather become too warm for our furry friends?

Every dog is different, but in general temperatures under 75 degrees are perfect for all furry friends. When the temperatures start to rise, it is important to consider how hot asphalt can actually be for paw pads. Asphalt and pavement temperatures can almost double what the air temperature is. Meaning an 85 degree day equals pavement temperatures of 135 or more! 

Walking your dog is very important, but when the temperature rises, you’ll need to reconsider how to do so safely. Consider walking your dog in the early morning or when the sun has set. Some other ways to get out your dog’s energy is by playing in shady, grassy areas or going for a swim. If you absolutely need to be outside when temperatures are high, consider buying booties or dog shoes for your dog so their paws are protected.

To figure out if your dog’s paws will be safe on the pavement, place your hand on the ground. If you can keep your hand there comfortably for 10 seconds or more, go ahead with your walk. If not, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

Not only are paws at risk in increasing summer temperatures, but heatstroke can be an issue for our furry friends. Dog’s have higher body temperatures than humans, ranging from 99 to 102. If you notice your dog seeking shade, limiting movements, uncontrollably panting, or vomiting your dog may be too hot.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool:

  • Offer shade for your dog
  • Apply ice packs just underneath their chest
  • Provide them a swimming pool
  • Go inside and rest in an air conditioned room
  • Freeze their treats or toys to keep them busy and cool
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