HELP! My dog or cat is lost, what should I do?

Here are a few options when your pet has gone missing:

Losing your beloved pet can be scary and stressful, but don’t give up. Follow these steps to help you find your pet.

Reach out to your neighbors or members of the community you last saw your animal. Going door to door with flyers or a picture of your lost pet will alert those around you to keep their eyes open.

Post on social media. Almost every city has a residents-run Facebook group, but some good places to start posting are: KSL Lost and Found Pets, Utah Lost and Found, Cache Valley Pets and Animals, and Cache Valley Pets Classified.

Contact your local Animal Control department. Contact the local Animal Control for the area where you last saw your animal. To find which jurisdiction your city falls under, visit our Animal Control page.

What happens when Animal Control finds an animal?

When Animal Control has been called out to retrieve a found animal, they will first scan for a microchip and check the collar for tags with either owner information or a rabies number. If they cannot locate an owner, the information is out of date, or there is no information at all, they may bring the animal to an impound facility.

Not all towns impound at Cache Humane Society, but if the animal is brought to us, their picture will be added to our Impounded Animals page. While animals are in Cache Humane Society’s care, we will pursue any owner information we have available to us.

If an animal is injured or ill when it arrives at the shelter, we will ensure it receives the necessary treatment and you may be charged for this treatment when you reclaim your pet.

An important reminder for pet owners:

In case your pet goes missing, it’s important to keep your pet’s information up to date. This includes updated information on collar tags and microchips, such as addresses, phone numbers and names. Keep rabies tag numbers up to date. Rabies tag numbers are stored in the clinic office’s records that you received their vaccination from and can be looked up quickly. Lastly, if you have not microchipped your pet, please visit our weekly Thursday Community Clinic to get your pet a lifetime microchip.

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