How can I report a lost pet?

Lost or Stray Animals

What to do if you've lost your pet:

Losing your beloved pet can be scary and stressful, but don’t give up. Follow these steps to help you find your pet. 

Lost Pet?

Contact local Animal Control ›

Step 1: First, visit Petco Love Lost to upload a photo of your pet and search their national lost and found pet database to find them. 

Step 2: Next, contact the local Animal Control for the area where you last saw your animal. 

Step 3: Reach out to neighbors or members of the community where you last saw your animal. Going door to door with flyers or a picture of your lost pet will alert those around you to keep their eyes open.

Step 4: Post on social media. Almost every city has a residents-run Facebook group, but some good places to start posting are: KSL Lost and Found PetsUtah Lost and FoundCache Valley Lost Pets, and Cache Valley 411

Animal Control FacilitiesPhone Number
Cache County(435) 753-7555
Box Elder County(435) 723-5227
Tremonton(435) 257-9545
Weber County(801) 399-8244
Animal Impound FacilitiesPhone Number
Cache County——
Brigham City(435) 723-1231
Tremonton(435) 257-9545


What to do if you've found a pet:

If you found a pet, following these steps can help reunite them with their owner.

Step 1: Contact Animal Control for the community where you found the animal.  Animal Control may already be helping the owner with their search.  They will also check ID and rabies tags on collars and scan found animals for a microchip.  Please refer to the table above for your local animal control offices.

Step 2: If Animal Control cannot locate an owner, they will transport the pet to a municipal facility like the Cache County Impound.  All stray dogs must be held at a government facility for a minimum of 5 days to give their families time to find them.  

Step 3: Post on social media that you found an animal can help reunite them. Almost every city has a residents-run Facebook group, but some good places to start posting are: KSL Lost and Found Pets, Utah Lost and Found, and Cache Valley Lost Pets.

Per Utah State Code 11-46-103 all stray and lost pets must be held at an Animal Control Facility for a minimum of 5 days to allow their families time to find them.  After the 5 day impound period, charitable adoption centers like Cache Humane Society can help find a new home for unclaimed pets.  Cache Humane Society can not legally accept lost or stray animals until they have completed their mandatory impound period at a government facility.  

If you live in Cache County, all stray dogs and cats can be reported to Animal Control at (435) 753-7555 or transported directly to the Cache County/Logan City Animal Shelter.

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